Friday, 7 September 2007

Opera Ctrl-click behaviour

Here's something that people may find useful!

I'm normally a Firefox fan, but I thought I'd give Opera a try. My first hurdle was that Control+Click in Firefox means "Open Link in New Tab". Ctrl+click in Opera just seems to load pages in the current tab (or current page).

So, I figured there must be a way to customise the behaviour. Initial results said "no", but then I found a page about editing Opera Settings.

In order to set up my custom Control+Left Mouse Click behaviour in Opera, I needed to:-

  • Go to Tools -> Preferences
  • Click on the Advanced Tab
  • Select Shortcuts
  • Duplicate the Opera Standard Mouse setup (and rename my duplicate as Marv Setup)
  • Edit this Mouse setup
  • Under Browser Window, hit "New"
  • In the Input field, the command to enter is "Button1 ctrl" (without the quotes)
  • For the Action, enter "Open link in new page" (without the quotes) - for Opera, "page" is the equivalent of "tab" in Firefox.
  • Click OK a few times
  • Done!
Actually, strike all that - I could have sworn that it was working, but when I re-opened Opera, it wasn't. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

Edit: Although a few people have said that you can accomplish what I want to do using the keyboard options, I've tried many permutations on Opera 9.50 in Windows XP/2003, and have been unable to get it to work. However, if you check my latest post below, I've found a solution!
Opera Ctrl Click to open in new page / tab updated


Meng said...

Marv, find "ctrl shift enter" in the Keyboard options.

the Enter is equivalent to a click. You can remove the shift and get ctrl click.

Marv said...

Thanks meng, but that's not working for me.

Koskenkorva said...

nice tip, worked on Opera 9.50, thanks

Marv said...

It's still not working for me, whatever permutation I try! How bizarre.

However ... I have found a solution, thanks to shoust on the Opera Community forums. More to follow (new post)

Anonymous said...

meng is right, keyboard options is where you need to look

Anonymous said...

As meng and others pointed it works fine with keyboard setting.

Follow these steps:
Go to Preferences (ctrl + F12) -> Advanced -> Shortcuts -> Keyboard setup
Select 'Opera Standard' -> Duplicate.
This will create a new entry 'Copy of Opera Standard'. Select this -> Edit...
Then under 'Browser Window' -> New...
Enter 'ctrl enter' for shortcut and 'Open link in background page' for action.
Hit OK
Now the most important step. Make sure 'Copy of Opera Standard' is selected under Keyboard setup (otherwise changes will not take affect).
Hit OK to close Preferences.
Shutdown Opera.
Start Opera.
Go to Preferences again. Confirm 'Copy of Opera Standard' is selected under Keyboard setup.
Enjoy Ctrl + Click :-)


Marv said...

Thanks anonymous, but this really does not work on my set up - Windows XP (and Windows 2003), Opera 9.51. I don't know if that differs from your environment?
I'm now successfully using the JavaScript fix I posted on the following page:-

Anonymous said...

Marv, it isn't worked with Ctrl + Click, but it's worked with Shift+Click

Anonymous said...

This (the mouse shortcut) doesn't seem to work for me for Opera 9.63. Can anyone confirm?

Tomas said...

Yes, it doesn't work :-((
My Opera version is 9.63

Marv said...


Yes, this doesn't work - I've written a new post with another method:-

Tomas said...

Thanks Marv, this method works!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, just an Opera visitor. Congratulations for discovering how to replicate Fx's Ctrl+click behaviour in Opera. If it's still of interest to you, here's a summary of Opera's Ctrl/Shift+click behaviour in Vista:

Ctrl+click - Brings up "Save as" dialog when used on images

Shift+click - Open link in foreground tab

Ctrl+Shift+click - Open link in background tab

Anonymous said...

Hello ,
does someone of you have a clue how to remove the "save as" dialog when using "ctrl click" on images? I want to save them directly by "ctrl click".

Anonymous said...

ctrl + shift + click = open link in a new tab