Sunday, 29 April 2007

Is "Kenco Pure" "Fair trade" coffee?

I just watched an advert on television for a new range of coffee from Kenco - Kenco Pure. I was curious; there was an implication that the "Kenco Pure" brand is Fair Trade. There's even a little logo at the bottom of the screen that looks like it could be the Fair Trade logo (yes, alright, it doesn't look that much like it, but I'm the person who happily bought some "Fair Trade" chocolate in France, only to find that the symbol on the wrapper actually meant that it could be recycled). Well, Kenco Pure is not Fair Trade. I found a blog post here that has some more details:-

Monday, 9 April 2007

Tough to find

Hmm, a new blog; pregnant with possibilities. How shall I start it? There's quite a lot of pressure, because if I don't get it right, it'll be here forever. Ah, f*** it, I can always edit it later...

So , what's this blog about. Well, I consider myself to be a pretty good Google-searcher (not Googler, I don't want the Google Nazis coming after me and accusing me of using their trademark as a Verb (TM)). However, sometimes it takes a while to dig out the results I'm after. What I'm going to try to do with this blog is to be useful and re-post the results in a way that might bring the same results up more quickly for other people.
The results will be very varied, because I use Google for a shed-load of stuff.
The next step is to remember some of the times I've had this happen in the past, or to remember to put up a post when it happens again. We shall see how that goes...