Monday, 9 April 2007

Tough to find

Hmm, a new blog; pregnant with possibilities. How shall I start it? There's quite a lot of pressure, because if I don't get it right, it'll be here forever. Ah, f*** it, I can always edit it later...

So , what's this blog about. Well, I consider myself to be a pretty good Google-searcher (not Googler, I don't want the Google Nazis coming after me and accusing me of using their trademark as a Verb (TM)). However, sometimes it takes a while to dig out the results I'm after. What I'm going to try to do with this blog is to be useful and re-post the results in a way that might bring the same results up more quickly for other people.
The results will be very varied, because I use Google for a shed-load of stuff.
The next step is to remember some of the times I've had this happen in the past, or to remember to put up a post when it happens again. We shall see how that goes...

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